Who are your colleagues?

by Jean Tower

The BLC 2011 conference was a couple of weeks ago already, and I find I am still processing. There were so many speakers who (happily) jostled my thinking that it is taking me a while to formulate some of my favorite take- aways.

Marco Torres was one of the keynote speakers and his insights about colleagues reflected how I think of colleagues. Marco said, “My colleagues are not necessarily the people who work at my school. I find my Yodas all over the world.”

I have fine colleagues in my school district. I am lucky to work in a district where educators work hard and care, are continually improving through professional learning and practice, and many of whom “get it” when it comes to good teaching with technology.

But I am the only Technology Director in my district. I count on colleagues across the state and even scattered around the world, to challenge me, help me, teach me, “get” me and the issues I face at school, share their latest finds and best vendors, collaborate with me, and learn with me. These people I call my colleagues are occasionally my “Yoda” and sometimes just make me laugh. I rely on this professional learning network (PLN) to help me improve in my profession and to be companions on the journey.

Thank you to all my colleagues!

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