Try Adobe Spark

by Jean Tower

I have been enjoying using Canva to create posters, invitations, and other graphical design projects. It is free, unless you want to purchase a template or image that costs money. It is fairly easy to use, but I admit that I did not find it intuitive and fumbled my way through my first few projects.

This week I decided to give Adobe Spark a try – here is my first attempt –


I found it much easier than Canva to use and the interface is intutive. I also like the range of project types you can create – posters, pages, and videos. You can share your projects with the Adobe Spark community, or download them.

Creating a poster type project – the focus is on layput, simple design, a choice of fonts, and you can search for or upload images.

For a web page – you have all the tools listed above plus videos. I think the object is to make a product that is like an interactive magazine.

Video – I have not created one yet, but watching Richard Byrne’s video has “sparked” my interest and confidence and I will create a video this weekend.

Try them both to showcase your creativity and see what you think!


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