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50 Web 2.0 Sites

David Kapuler is an educational blogger who often compiles lists of great resources and shares them through his blog and through guest-blogging at Tech & Learning. His recent post was a slideshare slideshow of 50 great (free) web 2.0 sites for educators. For me, this was not just a remix of the “same old, same […]

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Supporting Web 2.0

Supporting Web 2.0 usage in your school district may seem like an insurmountable task – something Hercules would walk away from. After all, there are SO MANY Web 2.0 applications that schools could use! At, the web applications index, there are 69 pages of web applications like the one below. With over 3000 apps […]

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Wordle Meme

Lee Kolbert, on her blog, A GeekyMomma’s Blog , issued a meme ~ to create a wordle from your RSS feed and to post the result to your blog. Below is my wordle. I was a little surprised to see how prominent students and then teachers are, but pleased after all that people are at […]

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