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Thank a Teacher

Teachers make a difference. Good teachers recognize your unique talents and “you-ness” and nurture them. Matt Damon was a keynote speaker at the Save Our School March in Washington DC on July 30th. He was introduced by his mother, who teaches at Lesley University in Boston. His keynote was both eloquent and emotional and has […]

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Recipe or Approach

People often ask me for help solving technology problems. Sometimes they can’t get the program to do exactly what they think it should do or what they want it to do. Other times, they have an idea of something that “might be possible” and want to brainstorm making it a reality. Regardless of what kind […]

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Encourage Some Risk-Taking!

If you think you have to fully understand everything about a technology before you allow it to be used in your district, you’ll never try anything new. You’ll spend all your time trying to anticipate problems, control small risks, and trying to configure things so that the genie doesn’t get out of the bottle. My […]

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The Change Process

People trying to quit smoking have been found by researchers to move through certain predictable phases as they change their behavior. The basic change model was developed by the psychologists James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente (see The Five Stages of Change at FiveStagesOfChange.htm). Others have generalized these phases to other types of behavioral changes. […]

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Distributed Leadership for Educational Technology

I have been working with a group of educators on a position paper about leadership for technology. Our paper is based on the premise that leadership for technology must be distributed among many roles, each having an important part in leading the charge. It will outline the leadership responsibilities for the Department of Elementary and […]

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Why attend a conference?

As a board member of MassCUE , I was really pleased that the attendance at our recent conference was up 33% from 2007. Talking to people at the conference I listened closely when attendees talked about how good the conference was. I heard positive comments about exhibitors, keynote speakers, and breakout sessions. In the days […]

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Wordle Meme

Lee Kolbert, on her blog, A GeekyMomma’s Blog , issued a meme ~ to create a wordle from your RSS feed and to post the result to your blog. Below is my wordle. I was a little surprised to see how prominent students and then teachers are, but pleased after all that people are at […]

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