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Student Voices

In my circle of colleagues it is common to be a strong advocate for education enriched by technology. We teach about 21st century skills and digital citizenship, we develop technology plans and present to our parents; we develop and defend budgets that include technology, professional development and staff; and we do it all to transform […]

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3-D Pop-Up Books

ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool. Kids can create 3-D pop-up books that are saved to the ZooBurst site. You can use images that you upload yourself or you can choose from the extensive database of images in the ZooBurst database. Characters can have cartoon-like chat bubbles that appear when the character is clicked. In […]

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Recipe or Approach

People often ask me for help solving technology problems. Sometimes they can’t get the program to do exactly what they think it should do or what they want it to do. Other times, they have an idea of something that “might be possible” and want to brainstorm making it a reality. Regardless of what kind […]

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Obama to Address Students

President Obama is going to address students this week. The White House has released the text of his prepared remarks. I have been amazed that some parents, across the country, have made this a controversial issue. Having read his speech, I am not just amazed, but sad that some students might miss this powerful message […]

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Wordle Meme

Lee Kolbert, on her blog, A GeekyMomma’s Blog , issued a meme ~ to create a wordle from your RSS feed and to post the result to your blog. Below is my wordle. I was a little surprised to see how prominent students and then teachers are, but pleased after all that people are at […]

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