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A reasonable professional development strategy is one that begins with a CRAWL – a task that provides easy entry into the topic or concept being taught. Participants should very quickly reap the benefits of some early successes. This follows how well designed video games work – it is easy to enter the game and players […]

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Wanted: Disruptive Leadership Advice

It has been a week since NECC finished and I have been reflecting on whether the conference met my expectations and on what I found to be most valuable. In some ways NECC met my expectations, while in other ways it did not. The most important part of the conference to me was the people, […]

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Professional Development in Every Way, Shape, and Form

A s Director of Technology for a K-12 school district, there are times when a specific project or topic usurps a majority of my time and attention. For example, there may be a network upgrade project that commands my attention, or at other times it could be strategic planning or grant writing or goal setting […]

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What to Read?

W hat should I be reading to stay informed, gather information from a wider variety of sources, and broaden my personal learning network beyond the edublogger community? This is a question that I drew from a recent post, De-Echoing My Reading Practice…Help Wanted , by Will Richardson. "Still in the progress of rethinking my online […]

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