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Technology Leadership

I am a member of a group, ETAC,  that is an advisory committee to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. A number of us are working together on a white paper about Technology Leadership. We think of technology leadership as a shared responsibility that all members of our educational communities need to contribute […]

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Leadership Series: John Kotter

John Kotter says that organizations have to transform themselves in order to survive. Organizations need to learn and grow in order to keep pace with the changing culture, economics, and global competition. He asserts that effective leadership is necessary to accomplish this and he articulates the following eight key steps that leaders must go through […]

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What do Effective Leaders Do?

What do effective leaders do? Is there some elusive quality that good leaders possess? Something they are born with, that others can’t learn? I read about leadership a lot. I have some favorite authors, many of whom deal with leading change. As an educational technology leader, I recognize that much of what I do is […]

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Strategic or tactical?

Do you spend more time visioning and planning the future or coping with the problems of today? Are you constantly putting out fires, or are you creating a technology infrastructure and department that prevents fires? I strive for a balance – I need to be concerned about and help with the issues my users are […]

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Distributed Leadership for Educational Technology

I have been working with a group of educators on a position paper about leadership for technology. Our paper is based on the premise that leadership for technology must be distributed among many roles, each having an important part in leading the charge. It will outline the leadership responsibilities for the Department of Elementary and […]

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Make Things Happen

I recently heard someone say that there are three types of people – there are people who: Make things happen, Watch things happen, Wonder what happened. When I heard this I laughed out loud and then I thought of the educational technology administrators who I know and work with and I thought, “Now that’s a […]

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Wanted: Disruptive Leadership Advice

It has been a week since NECC finished and I have been reflecting on whether the conference met my expectations and on what I found to be most valuable. In some ways NECC met my expectations, while in other ways it did not. The most important part of the conference to me was the people, […]

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