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3-D Pop-Up Books

ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool. Kids can create 3-D pop-up books that are saved to the ZooBurst site. You can use images that you upload yourself or you can choose from the extensive database of images in the ZooBurst database. Characters can have cartoon-like chat bubbles that appear when the character is clicked. In […]

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High School Programming Class

There are too many exciting alternatives to boring high school programming classes to be offering only classes like C++ or java where students code for the same old assignments. I say let’s get our HS students developing apps for the iOS or games. The tools are free and the apps could sell! Check out this […]

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Google Science Fair

Press Release…. On the 11 January 2011 Google is launching the inaugural Google Science Fair. We have partnered with NASA, CERN, National Geographic, Scientific American and the LEGO Group to create a new STEM competition that is more open, accessible and global than ever before. We wanted to reach out to educators prior to launch […]

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