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Co-authoring in Office Web Apps

Microsoft just announced the release of a co-authoring feature of Office Web Apps. This was a definite hole in their product, one that Google Apps for Education did not have. Some of my colleagues have been on the fence about whether they should implement Google Apps or Office Web Apps (Live @EDU) I wonder if […]

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iPod Touch Grant

I worked yesterday with 3 teachers writing a grant to the local education foundation. We are hoping to have some iPod Touches funded. The grant project is focused on reading fluency.  What impressed me most about the meeting were two things. O N E – Everybody contributed to the process. It was very collaborative with […]

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21st Century Organizations

Collaboration, partnerships, and communication across organizations are key characteristics for today’s successful organizations. We are stronger and can offer more when we build strong partnerships with other organizations whose missions and interests align with our own. In this brief slide deck that I presented at a MassCUE board retreat, my points were about serving our […]

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Alone Together

I am reading Sherry Turkle‘s book, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, and am finding it really interesting, so far. If you are curious about the book and want to read an interview to learn a little more, check out this interview on the Fast Company web site. […]

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Tomaz Lasic comments, in his blog post entitled, How can Moodle change a school ,  on the “one big thing” he would bring to his school as a technology facilitator. “Before starting to work as a part-time technology integrator at our school this year, the principal asked me to come up with one ‘thing’, one […]

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"And I have to say that I’ve been surprised of late in my travels (4,000 miles worth just last week) at the almost palpable fear that a lot of teachers still exhibit when we start talking about putting content online or sharing documents or being transparent." ~ Will Richardson, from a recent blog entry ( […]

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