Successful Technology Program – Leadership

by Jean Tower

In a recent post  I posited the following list as those elements critical to a successful technology program.

  • Leadership, Vision, & Policy
  • Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
  • IT Management
  • Infrastructure, including Connectivity
  • Partnerships
  • Budget & Investment
  • Professional Development / Capacity Building
  • Staffing for Support
  • Community Engagement and Support

In this post, I’ll take on Leadership, Vision, & Policy – how would you “grade” yourself in this area? What would that grade be based on? What evidence would we see that would convince us that a school or district had aced this category?


Leadership & Vision Rubric

0 There is no evidence of a vision.
1 Vision is established but not shared.
2 School board and administrators share a vision.
3 There is an action plan that implements a shared vision. The action plan includes goals with someone responsible and accountable. There is an administrator whose role is technology leadership (for example: CIO, CTO, or Director of Technology), and who drives the process.
4 Shared vision with steps in place to evaluate, refocus, and revise. Technology and curriculum leadership work in close collaboration. This is in addition to elements of number 3 above.


Policy Rubric

0 There may be an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) somewhere, but it hasn’t been revised in years and is not very relevant.
1 The AUP has been revised but still fails to welcome individualized computing needs and ignores social networking.
2 The AUP has been revised to thoughtfully reflect social networking, bring your own technology, mobile technology, and cell phones, and has been rewritten to be more of a guide to digital citizenship.
3 In addition to number 2 above, the AUP is just one part of the totality of the district’s overall technology policies.
4 There are thoughtful and comprehensive policies that have been recently revised to cover issues like social networking, bring your own technology, and cell phone and mobile device use. The policies are reviewed and revised annually by a diverse team, and knowledge of the policies and procedures is widely known. Policies have the support of the total school community. This is in addition to number 3 above.


Next installment in this series: Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment


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