School in Kathmandu

by Jean Tower




How cute are these students
lined up on their field trip?




Kathmandu is a real place, in Nepal, and is not a fictional city that Tintin visited (in Tintin in Tibet he flies to Kathmandu).

My son is teaching in Kathmandu, Nepal this school year and has been blogging about his experiences there.
As I read his blog, I am impressed and amazed at how committed the students are to their learning, in spite of obstacles and some of the conditions. I am also totally charmed by the stories the students tell about themselves, the lessons they work on, and their spirit. I have been having lots of fun reading about the school and seeing the students through my son’s eyes.

I also have a deeper appreciation of how wonderful school conditions are anywhere in the United States compared to some places in the world, I mean we do have electricity every day!

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