Pecha Kucha Breakout Session

by Jean Tower

Annamaria Schrimpf and I presented at the MassCUE M.A.S.S. Conference on Wednesday. Our topic was using the presentation format of Pecha Kucha to keep professional development on the agenda. Pecha Kuchas take less than 7 minutes to deliver (20 slides – 20 seconds per slide), so it can fit into grade level meetings, department meetings, and faculty meetings.
We started by showing the Daniel Pink video about the format, then presented one of our own.
There were many people in the room (SRO) and what makes the difference between an OK presentation and a really lively one is how engaged and participatory the attendees are. Well these attendees were awesome. When we broke for small group discussions (having asked people to talk about the possibilities they saw in Pecha Kucha and how they might use it) the sound level in the room was nearing sonic boom level. It was really wonderful, and the ideas people shared out to the entire group were so on-target, creative, and thought-provoking, that I wished I had a recording of the session. I’ll never remember all those great ideas!

We will be posting our presentation materials on the MassCUE Ning.

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