Orchestrating Ubiquitous Technology

by Jean Tower


METAA, the CoSN chapter in Massachusetts, is planning an amazing Spring 2014 CTO Clinic. This is the Fifth Annual Conference! The full title is Orchestrating Ubiquitous Technology: Preparing for an Open Ended Future.

A little long, but it reflects the complexity of EdTech leadership roles. The CTO Clinic will be held in April 10th in Milford, MA.

The visual of being “on the road” reflects the fact that schools and districts are in different stages of developing their infrastructure, leadership, and digital resources, and at this conference participants can add to their repertoire no matter what their starting point, and no matter where on the “road” they are.


Participants will have opportunities to learn, lead, and develop expertise in the following areas:

On the Road : Moving your school culture forward

On the Road: Digital resources

On the Road: Choosing a 1:1 device or BYOT strategy

On the Road: Adopting platform- and device- agnostic productivity tools

On the Road: Getting the infrastructure before leaping to 1:1

On the Road: Building an effective technology team

The keynote speaker is Martha Heller, author of the CIO Paradox, Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership.

In addition, there are 3 time slots during the day for breakout sessions and as usual, the expertise that the presenters represent and plan to share is awesome.

Be sure to put a Save the Date into your calendar now, or REGISTER today.



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