Looking Forward

by Jean Tower

I was talking to one of my colleagues (another Technology Director in Massachusetts) recently about the different levels of support for technology initiatives we have encountered over the years, especially in terms of support from the superintendent. She is working with a new superintendent who has taken a pretty strong stance on implementing technology, 21st century skills, and embracing digital communications with the community. The message is pretty much that if you don’t know how to do something, speak up and we’ll bring resources to bear for professional development and support, but if you won’t get on board, it would be best for all if you start looking for a job in another school district.

What a great message – if you’re willing to demonstrate continual learning and engage with the goals of the district then the district will help you get there. If you aren’t even willing, the district will help you get out of there. This position demonstrates an understanding that it is no longer optional – if you are an educator or educational administrator, then your feet have to be firmly in the 21st century and you have to be looking ahead. You can’t steer the boat very well if you keep looking at the wake behind you.

But for how many districts is this the case? Do we have a strong and viable vision that looks to the future and do we hold our educators accountable for embracing and engaging in that vision?

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