IWB ~ Eno

by Jean Tower

In my school district we have become real fans of the Eno board, an interactive white board (IWB) from Polyvision. There are a few features that make it our first choice.

We like these things about the Eno boards:

You can write on it with any marker, even a sharpie, and it cleans off.
The surface is hard and not easy to damage.
It has a "forever" warranty.
There are no cords, cables, or expensive installation.
The surface is magnetic.
It is easy to use and the Easiteach software is intuitive .

It comes bundled with RM software, RM Math Framework.
Cost – see Classroom Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
We find the RM Math Framework software to be a very effective mathematics teaching tool.

I’m wondering what other districts are installing for IWBs, and how they made their choice – what factors sold your district on any particular IWB?

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