ISTE Webinar

by Jean Tower

I have signed up for the ISTE webinar:

Make the Leader-Shift:  Strategies to Develop Transformational Leadership
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
1 pm Pacific / 2 pm Mountain / 3 pm Central / 4 pm Eastern

From the ISTE site:

Effective and sustainable leadership is essential to survive and thrive in our ever-changing world. Transformational leadership inspires organizations and their people towards the vision and goals while empowering and building the capacity of the people within. Yet in many cases, this type of leadership is still elusive. Join leadership expert and internationally certified coach, Valerie Woods, for this thought provoking discussion about transformational leadership and the strategies to move towards enhanced leadership effectiveness. This session is intended for all participants who want to learn more about shifting strategies to develop transformational leadership.

presenter: Valerie Woods, MA Leadership, CEC

The description certainly catches my attention and the facilitator has an interesting bio.

I would love to hear from any of you who have participated in any ISTE webinars. Was it high quality? Is it something you would recommend? Did you watch solo or did you get a group together and have discussions about it?

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