ISTE Conference Keynote

by Jean Tower

ISTE has announced the winner of their first crowdsourced keynote:

The ISTE 2010 Keynote Committee is delighted to announce the results of its first ever “Crowdsourced Keynote” project!

After nearly two weeks of voting and more than three months of input gathering, Hawaii-based educator Dr. Jeff Piontek has emerged as the people’s choice to headline one of ISTE 2010’s three keynote sessions.

The ISTE keynote team will work with Dr. Piontek to present a relevant and inspirational session focused on the overall conference theme, Exploring Excellence, with a specific focus on effective school leadership for the digital, global era.

Pionek is the author of “Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts…Oh My!” and many articles, including his latest, “Educating Jetson’s Children in Flintstone Schools.” Learn more about Dr. Piontek at

One fan commented, “Jeffrey Piontek is a dynamic, knowledgeable, and inspirational educator. His book has served as a guide for my staff and has helped to ensure that they successfully integrate technology into everyday instruction. Mr. Piontek presents his ideas in a very user-friendly manner, helping to facilitate the process of infusing technology into the classroom. His hands-on experiences provide teachers with practical suggestions that can be easily implemented. [He] translates the ‘theoretical’ into everyday classroom practice/s.”

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Piontek to our stage and thank all of our candidates and participants for their contributions!

~ ~ ~ ~     from ISTE email to members

I was (actually) fully expecting Chris Lehmann to be the people’s choice. Oh well . . .

Here is a blog post about the process and results, and here is a complete accounting of the results of the top nominees.

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