Instapaper & Kindle

by Jean Tower


Love this tool that I just started using! I got a Kindle for Christmas and have been loving reading books on the Kindle. I tried reading pdfs using the Kindle but found that I couldn’t easily get it to fit the screen and be a font size I could easily read. But now with Instapaper I can collect content on the web that I want to read and save it for later to read at my leisure on the Kindle.

The process is simple. I created a free account and created a Favorite for Read Later. Then, on a web page that I want to save and read later I click the Read Later on my favorites toolbar and Instapaper saves the page to my account in the cloud. (see below)


I then copy it to my Kindle, but you have several choices for reading. You can read directly in Instapaper, or on your iPhone, your iPad, or in Google Reader. I connect my Kindle to the PC (USB) and copy what I have collected that way, but users could also email content to the Kindle.

Setting this up is also very easy. (see below)


I think this is a great service. It’s very convenient and I especially like it for saving longer blog posts and articles that I want to read, just not in the moment. I am really enjoying my Kindle even more because of it.

Check out Instapaper at

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