Digital Age Leadership

by Jean Tower


In a piece today on Edutopia, School Leaders: Guiding Teachers into the Digital Age,  Anne O’Brien writes about a keynote by Scott Klososky at a recent Ignite Conference.

Scott was talking about effective leadership to make the transition to digital learning. There were several good points, but two that I really connected to.

“Develop three to five technology guideposts for the school. These are goals to work towards — for example, “We want to deliver 35 percent of instruction online.” These goals should take two to three years to accomplish.”

What I relate to most is the acknowledgment that you have to set goals and that they have to be time bounded and achievable. And big goals take time – it’s great to pace them out over two to three years. I am no fan of the mentality that says we plant the seeds in the morning and then expect to mow the grass that evening.

“Differentiate between “digital learning” and “digital plumbing.” Digital learning is how we use technology tools. Digital plumbing is technology infrastructure. Prioritize both, but clearly distinguish between them in developing a technology plan.”

Too often a school or district exhibits a hyper focus on either the infrastructure or the learning goals, depending on the skills and interests of the technology leader.  Emphasizing either to the detriment of the other is a sure recipe for failure.




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