Cloudy (with a chance of being organized)

by Jean Tower

At the Tech Forum Boston yesterday I decided to attend an apps smackdown. It was lots of fun and I left with a few apps to pass on to teachers, and one that I knew I would try myself.

The app is called CloudOn and is free. It works with Dropbox , also free. If you don’t already have dropbox, watch the quick video at their web site to see how it works. It is basically an online storage space for your files.

Once you have dropbox and have a few files there, get CloudOn from the app store. I installed CloudOn on my iPad. CloudOn prompted me through creating an account and then asked where I have online storage – I selected Dropbox and then signed in to my Dropbox account and allowed the apps to connect. Now, in CloudOn, when I select a document (like a word or excel document) I can edit and save the document. Cloudon provides much of the same functionality that office provides.

For my first run, I edited both a word document and a spreadsheet using CloudOn and then opened them again from my computer dropbox. And there were my changes! Yay.

The apps work seamlessly together, CloudOn is not glitchy on the iPad, and they are both free tools. Love CloudOn. Highly recommend you try it.

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Lorelle Allessio April 28, 2012 at 10:49 am

I have been using this app with my coaches since we first go our iPads in January. It is a great tool! Easy to use, easy to integrate and free is always good!

Jean Tower May 2, 2012 at 9:46 pm

So glad to have someone who has been using it longer confirm my initial reactions. I am still loving it too, Lorelle.

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