Chapter Two

by Jean Tower

In recent weeks I have attended a couple of luncheons in honor of colleagues retiring from other school districts. At one lunch there were three Technology Directors with 40, 41, and 43 years of experience in education, all retiring at the end of this school year. At the next was a Technology Director retiring after 30 years in education. I feel like I’m in a MasterCard advertisement – –

Combined years in education: 154

Number of School days: 27,720

How old they must have been when they started teaching: 14

The accumulated wisdom and experience: PRICELESS

There is nothing “retiring” about any one of them, so I choose to talk about moving to chapter two, rather than retirement. I wish all four of them the very best as they embark on chapter two. They’ve already given so much, it seems almost unfair to ask them to keep giving, but I do hope that their plans include mentoring freshly minted Technology Directors. And, if they decide to offer professional development as a part-time gig I will be the first to enlist their services for my school district. It would be a shame to lose all of that knowledge, insight, humor, generosity, and judgment. I mean you can’t fish or play golf or take photos or travel ALL the time.

We grow as a profession when the best take the time to nurture the novices. My guess is that they will be only an email away to those who take their positions and to the rest of us who will continue to elicit their opinions. Good luck to them all, and to those who have to try to fill their shoes.

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Bob Cornacchioli June 23, 2010 at 8:42 am

Chapter 2- Well stated. I agree 100% with your assessment. If the opportunity presents itself and I think it will, our paths will continue to cross. Another Post could be the movement away from tech directors- but the positive is far more enjoyable to read.

Thanks for being there for me and others! The relationship has moved from colleague to friend!!!


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