BYOT iPad Partnership

by Jean Tower

Cult of mac, the all-Apple-news all the time web site, forecasts that the announcement about iBooks 2 and iBooks author will be followed by a sub-$299 iPad.

I’m not sure if that’s going to happen any time soon, but I suggest there are ways to get this technology into the hands of students. In Massachusetts, we have started talks with wireless providers and some of our local business partners to investigate the possibilities around providing 3G capable devices to students via parental purchase or lease. We are in the very early exploratory phase, but our vision feels sound.

Elements of our vision include:

  • Choice of 3 G capable device – iPad or other (maybe a netbook?)
  • Choice to lease or purchase
  • Package that includes a choice of a set of apps (or applications) (Package A or B or C)
  • A filtering solution
  • Reduced monthly recurring service cost
  • Schools ready to implement BYOT
  • Service of devices facilitated through pick-up and drop-off at school

We want to bring together several partners to make this a reality. So far, we have a couple of statewide organizations in on the ground level, have begun doing some of the reaching out, and are energized around making this happen.

These are exciting times to be in our field!




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