Big Screen Books

by Jean Tower

In the April 14th FableVision Newsletter there is an announcement about Big Screen Books. Big Screen Books is an interesting concept in which Fablevision is creating interactive whiteboard versions of their books. The Dot is now available in that format. Peter talked about this project when he keynoted last month at the ASCD conference. The whiteboard version comes with lots of options for interacting with the story and includes classroom activities.

Back in the 90s, interactive books meant you bought a CD version of Just Grandma and Me and as kids read the book they could click on a squirrel and it would run up the tree (for example). I look forward to seeing the FableVision execution of an interactive book, because I know they are committed to bringing out the creativity in everyone. I’m sure their extending activities will be much more child-centered, and will encourage independent exploration and prompts that generate creative work.

(image is from FableVision newsletter)

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