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October 2011


Earlier this year I had the opportunity to explore with company founder, Carmen Ferrara. I was impressed with the capabilities, and the look and feel of this LMS. The interface is very current and up-to-date looking, unlike some of the school LMS products I’ve seen which either look cartoony or text-y and old. The […]

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Navigating the Vendor Exhibit Hall

  Masscue2010album View more presentations from Jean Tower. This week on Wednesday and Thursday we have a big education and technology conference here in Massachusetts. It is co-hosted by M.A.S.S. and MassCUE, the superintendents’ organization and the MA ISTE affiliate, respectively. Previously, each organization has had its own fall technology conference, and since joining forces […]

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Technology Dinosaurs I Wish Were Extinct

I’ve been making a little headway through the professional journals I subscribe to (which usually pile up without mercy and threaten to take over my “reading bin”) because I’m in the middle of a series of dental appointments and bring my reading with me.  John Breeden II wrote “7 tech dinosaurs: Which would you kill?” […]

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Wall Quote 4

The fourth in my series of posting the quotes that I have used to decorate the walls of my office.

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Apple Educational Tune-In Series

Have you taken advantage of the free Apple eduational series, Tune-In Series? It is a collection of free webinars focused on introducing educators and educational technology leaders to the capabilities of Apple technology. The webinars are running weekdays from September 19 to October 28, and cover topics like managing the iOS devices in an enterprise […]

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YouTube Special Educational Video Content Page

Thank you to Connie Louie for sharing this news item: YouTube is rolling out a pilot a program with schools. This program will redirect all YouTube links to educational content to a special site. In addition, comments will be disabled and related videos will only be educational, both of which are a source of anxiety […]

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Speak Up

  Project Tomorrow  is a national education nonprofit group whose vision is to ensure that today’s students are well prepared to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders and engaged citizens of the world.Every year they have a Speak Up for Schools online data collection tool. The intent of the survey is to provide an opportunity for all […]

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MassCUE – M.A.S.S. Fall 2011 Conference

In Massachusetts educators are looking forward to the MassCUE  M.A.S.S. conference next week, held at Patriot Place – Gillette Stadium. I love the new online, interactive program and mobile app. You can search for topics, speakers, and breakout session times. You can create your own schedule using the program and can take it with you […]

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Why Certification?

Why do states require educators to be certified? Certification requirements include education in certain specific coursework for each certification area; practicum experience under her supervisor who holds that certification; and in Massachusetts, passing scores on state educator exams. So certification purports to be stamped with expertise – a license to educate. Not totally unlike earning […]

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Wall Quotes 3

Here is my new favorite wall quote!

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