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August 2011

Fool versus Jerk

In this article, Fool vs. Jerk: Whom Would You Hire?, the authors explain that the decision is complicated. People would like it if their work partners were both competent and likeable, but if they had to choose? The answer is not simple. They studied four organizations as they examined the question. EXCERPT: These two criteria—competence […]

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Who are your colleagues?

The BLC 2011 conference was a couple of weeks ago already, and I find I am still processing. There were so many speakers who (happily) jostled my thinking that it is taking me a while to formulate some of my favorite take- aways. Marco Torres was one of the keynote speakers and his insights about […]

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Think Globally

I love the latest free poster from Peter Reynolds – Think Globally – I read about this in the August newsletter. Other items of interest – a new book – I’m Here, Above and Beyond, and an announcement about the launch of the Reynolds’ Center for Teaching, Learning, & Creativity  – all news worth knowing […]

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Thank a Teacher

Teachers make a difference. Good teachers recognize your unique talents and “you-ness” and nurture them. Matt Damon was a keynote speaker at the Save Our School March in Washington DC on July 30th. He was introduced by his mother, who teaches at Lesley University in Boston. His keynote was both eloquent and emotional and has […]

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Matt Damon’s Prepared Remarks

The video I posted earlier this week was a brief encounter with a journalist. Even more powerful is this video of Matt being introduced by his mother (a teacher) and speaking eloquently about teaching and his own education. He says, “I don’t know where I’d be today, if my teachers’ job security was based on […]

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Matt Damon Defends Teachers

Did you catch this on the news tonight? Thank you, Matt Damon!  

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