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April 2011

3-D Pop-Up Books

ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool. Kids can create 3-D pop-up books that are saved to the ZooBurst site. You can use images that you upload yourself or you can choose from the extensive database of images in the ZooBurst database. Characters can have cartoon-like chat bubbles that appear when the character is clicked. In […]

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Everyday Math – Free Apps

Everyday Math iPhone / iPad apps for free: Monster Squeeze, Tric-Trac The iTunes App Store offers select McGraw-Hill Education applications for Apple iPhone / iPod touch / iPad for free, as listed below. At $2 off, each is the lowest price we’ve seen. Deal ends April 16. The deals: Everyday Mathematics Addition Top-It: 0 to […]

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Big Screen Books

In the April 14th FableVision Newsletter there is an announcement about Big Screen Books. Big Screen Books is an interesting concept in which Fablevision is creating interactive whiteboard versions of their books. The Dot is now available in that format. Peter talked about this project when he keynoted last month at the ASCD conference. The […]

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Microsoft Webinars – Learn about New Licensing Method

In Massachusetts, Microsoft has recently introduced a new education agreement that will allow schools to purchase Microsoft software based on the number of employees, rather tan on the number of computers. This is good new for schools. Microsoft is offering some webinars about the new Enrollment for Education Services (EES) agreement and the Enterprise CAL […]

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Students Want BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

It’s no surprise to me that students want to bring their own mobile device to school and use it. What is surprising is how young the access to mobile devices begins! This graph is from the article, “What Do Kids Say Is The Biggest Obstacle To Technology At School?” 21% of kids in grades K-2 […]

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