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September 2009

Seeing the Whole Elephant

R emember the old parable from India about the blind men and the elephant ? The parable tells the story of a group of blind men, each trying to describe the elephant from the one bit of the elephant he is touching. The blind man at the tail says the elephant is a rope, the […]

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Obama to Address Students

President Obama is going to address students this week. The White House has released the text of his prepared remarks. I have been amazed that some parents, across the country, have made this a controversial issue. Having read his speech, I am not just amazed, but sad that some students might miss this powerful message […]

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Planning Professional Development

E.W. Dijkstra, the Dutch computer scientist, once said that, “Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.” If one takes this line of thinking and applies it to computers in education, one can assert that the use of computers in education is not about the computers; it is about education. More […]

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The Change Process

People trying to quit smoking have been found by researchers to move through certain predictable phases as they change their behavior. The basic change model was developed by the psychologists James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente (see The Five Stages of Change at FiveStagesOfChange.htm). Others have generalized these phases to other types of behavioral changes. […]

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Distributed Leadership for Educational Technology

I have been working with a group of educators on a position paper about leadership for technology. Our paper is based on the premise that leadership for technology must be distributed among many roles, each having an important part in leading the charge. It will outline the leadership responsibilities for the Department of Elementary and […]

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