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July 2008

False Dichotomy

from So Digital Natives Don’t Exist, by Tim Wilson, at I was sitting in one of Ewan McIntosh’s sessions at BLC08 and couldn’t help noticing how much delight he took in disputing the digital native/digital immigrant distinction. The native/immigrant comparison may not be accurate (so Ewan says), but it sure is useful. – – […]

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BLC08 – My Next Steps in Learning

The Building Learning Communities conference (July 16 – 18) (BLC08) has been very good. Keynotes Ewan McIntosh and John Davitt were excellent – funny, informative, and challenging my thinking. I attended several quality breakout sessions; I took notes and thought about how I would share what I have learned when I get back to my […]

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Being Googleable

Googleable refers to something that is able to be found by searching on Google, the Internet search engine. Our students may not realize how much of what they post is googleable and very durable. Even after they have deleted the silly pictures of themselves at a party, or the ill-advised rantings about a teacher or […]

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