1999 to Today

by Jean Tower


I am doing some home office clean-up – throwing out old papers and scanning some things I want to keep.

I came across this paragraph I wrote in May of 1999:

How do we convince “reluctant adopters” to be more open to using technology? Maybe that’s the wrong question. Maybe we need to ask how we make using technology so compelling and so integrated into the school culture that it would be nearly impossible not to embrace it?

So, almost 17 years later, have we done this? Do we still have teachers that are reluctant users of technology? Is the case in favor of using technology for learning now overwhelmingly compelling?

I think we are much closer to 100% adoption than we were in 1999, but we are not “there” – the “there” is a moving target as we have newer, better, and less expensive devices and digital tools, ubiquitous connectivity, modern definitions of literacy, and extensive possibilities to collaborate and create using technology.

Back in 1999, I knew one Instructional Technology Specialist (teacher coach) who said that her job was to work herself out of a job, to coach teachers to a point where she would no longer be needed….we have more Instructional Technology Specialists today than we did then.

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