YouTube Special Educational Video Content Page

by Jean Tower

Thank you to Connie Louie for sharing this news item:
YouTube is rolling out a pilot a program with schools. This program will redirect all YouTube links to educational content to a special site. In addition, comments will be disabled and related videos will only be educational, both of which are a source of anxiety around exposing kids to inappropriate content. Schools interested in participating in the pilot program can sign up at

You can start at the You Tube education homepage at You can browse through the educational videos by content area or you can search for specific topics. I suggest that every educational organization can make use of this free resources by using the available content, but also by creating a channel for your school or district. Follow these easy instructions:

So far, for my own school district, I have created a channel (, uploaded a few screencast “help” videos, and then adjusted firewall settings in all of our schools to allow our channel as well as You Tube educational to all users. Next, we will be collecting and posting appropriate video to our channel, and will apply to be part of the partner program, a first step toward being considered for Youtube EDU.



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