YouTube EDU

by Jean Tower

Google’s recent teacher newsletter had two items that I decided to investigate further.

The first is a google doc slide show: Google Apps in Classrooms and Schools, 32 Ways to Use Google Apps in 50 Minutes. I didn’t learn any new application of Google Apps for the classroom, but I do think I could share this slide deck with teachers and that some would find ideas new to them.

The second item was: YOUTUBE EDU Adds Teacher-Focused Content

“Earlier this quarter YouTube EDU began to broaden its scope of offerings to include educational content for all ages.  Already home to lectures from 400 of the world’s leading universities, YouTube EDU expanded its reach to include Khan Academy as well as teacher training content, signing its first ever teacher-focused EDU partner, Teaching Channel. Teaching Channel is a Gates Foundation-funded organization that provides professional development and best practices to teachers. Their videos range from Lesson Ideas, discussions about teaching with instructional experts, to “Tough to Teach” tips.  Check out for more great high-quality educational content!”

I checked out some of the content in YOUTUBE EDU. There are lectures and non-lecture videos from several universities – colleges have their own dedicated video channels, author chats (I watched a good Tina Fey interview), and content like a hummingbird at a feeder. This is worth checking out periodically; I’m sure it will continue to grow.

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