Time to Sunset Internet Explorer

by Jean Tower

In the opening sequence of Stephen Colbert’s show he always mentions a few mock-worthy news stories. On Tuesday the opening included:

“There’s a critical security flaw in Internet Explorer which is terrible news for anyone living in 1995.”

IE stopped being my primary browser years ago – it became a bloated and unreliable piece of software that we couldn’t even uninstall.  It crashes way too much and has constant security problems.


In Microsoft’s announcement of the latest problem they said DO NOT USE versions 6 thorough 11 because they were vulnerable to “limited, targeted attacks” that turned out to include the ability for a hacker to take complete control of your computer. So let’s say you have had enough with IE and want to uninstall it. From Microsoft’s own site:

“Because Internet Explorer is a Windows feature, you can’t uninstall it.”

It is SO time to uncouple IE from the operating system, Microsoft!


May 8 – Just spotted this on Linkedin and had to add it:


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