Teens Don’t Heart Email

by Jean Tower

Email Use Plummets Among Teens

Email use dropped 59 percent among users aged 12-17, as well as 8 percent overall, according to ComScore’s 2010 Digital Year in Review. Users between 18-54 are also using email less, though among those 55 and older, email actually saw an upswing.

The article goes on to say that young people communicate through social networking sites. From my own experience, I would add chat and texting as primary electronic communication formats for teenagers and young adults.

So, young people have, to a great extent, already moved beyond email and think of it as how you communicate with adults, and many (most?) schools still won’t even supply email for students. At the Google professional development I attended in March, Jaime Casap (of Google) said that one of the most common questions he gets about Google Apps for Education is whether student email can be confined to just email within the school domain.

So, not only are students moving past email, when we do give them email we hobble it first. Great. Sigh.

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