Takeaways from Today’s Reading

by Jean Tower

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The 5 Recent Google Drive Updates Teachers Should Know About

It is so great that Google is constantly evolving and improving their GAFE product.


Crash Course on You Tube – VERY COOL

It would be a great curriculum idea to have students create a 2-3 minute “crash course” in something.


Explain Everything Is Now Available on The iPhone

Explain Everything is an excellent product- students from elementary through high school become content creators using this.


25 School Districts Worth Visiting

In this post, #1 in the suburban category is Mooresville, North Carolina.
Superintendent Mark Edwards spoke at the annual MassCUE & MASS state conference last month and wowed us with what is happening in Mooresville.


Blueprint for Tomorrow: Redesigning Schools for Student-Centered Learning

This book came out at the end of October. If you are in a building project or considering one, maybe assign it to your building committee?


A 7-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Open Educational Resources
Some interesting and helpful guidelines about educators creating/curating their own digital resources.


So much worth reading, so little time….



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