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Google Science Fair

Press Release…. On the 11 January 2011 Google is launching the inaugural Google Science Fair. We have partnered with NASA, CERN, National Geographic, Scientific American and the LEGO Group to create a new STEM competition that is more open, accessible and global than ever before. We wanted to reach out to educators prior to launch […]

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Just for fun!

How “millennial” are you? Take the quiz and share your score. Or, share how you might use this as a conversation starter at a Professional Development event. Fun Google Map Directions 1. Browse to Google Maps. 2. Select “Get Directions.” 3. Enter Taiwan as start location. 4. Enter China as end location. 5. Click “Get […]

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20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Google has created this really charming picture book, 20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web. The book explains, in a very accessible way, things like browser plug-ins, extensions, IP addresses and DNS. Google provides nice explanations of concepts like cloud computing and web apps. You will want to share this e-book with your […]

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Being Googleable

Googleable refers to something that is able to be found by searching on Google, the Internet search engine. Our students may not realize how much of what they post is googleable and very durable. Even after they have deleted the silly pictures of themselves at a party, or the ill-advised rantings about a teacher or […]

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