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The “Next Net Day”

I n Massachusetts there is some momentum around harnessing the energy and good will of businesses, individuals, state agencies, and other non-profits to partner with schools toward achieving some big technology goal for schools. This goal has yet to be determined, but the "shorthand" description I have heard is the "next net day." The name […]

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Technology as Karate?

A t a recent public meeting, during a discussion about the technology needs of the school district, there was a thought-provoking comment about teaching without technology. The speaker talked about a very gifted professor at his college whose classes are always fully subscribed and typically have waiting lists. The professor is very highly regarded as […]

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Favorite Quote of the Week

This week I was at work at a meeting where many of the participants were parents in our school district. One of the topics was a presentation on technology use at our high school . Central office administrators shared with parents some of the “best practice” accounts that we had recently seen. There was general […]

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"And I have to say that I’ve been surprised of late in my travels (4,000 miles worth just last week) at the almost palpable fear that a lot of teachers still exhibit when we start talking about putting content online or sharing documents or being transparent." ~ Will Richardson, from a recent blog entry ( […]

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