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Thank a Teacher

Teachers make a difference. Good teachers recognize your unique talents and “you-ness” and nurture them. Matt Damon was a keynote speaker at the Save Our School March in Washington DC on July 30th. He was introduced by his mother, who teaches at Lesley University in Boston. His keynote was both eloquent and emotional and has […]

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What is stopping us?

This question, from Scott McLeod‘s blog post, is filled with stats, but the question goes beyond the numbers and pierces the status quo. The Question: “7 billion people on the planet; 5 billion cell phones. 2 billion people on the Internet. 500 million people on Facebook. 200 million on Twitter. 85 million on LinkedIn. 5 […]

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Supporting Web 2.0

Supporting Web 2.0 usage in your school district may seem like an insurmountable task – something Hercules would walk away from. After all, there are SO MANY Web 2.0 applications that schools could use! At, the web applications index, there are 69 pages of web applications like the one below. With over 3000 apps […]

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Looking Forward

I was talking to one of my colleagues (another Technology Director in Massachusetts) recently about the different levels of support for technology initiatives we have encountered over the years, especially in terms of support from the superintendent. She is working with a new superintendent who has taken a pretty strong stance on implementing technology, 21st […]

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Recipe or Approach

People often ask me for help solving technology problems. Sometimes they can’t get the program to do exactly what they think it should do or what they want it to do. Other times, they have an idea of something that “might be possible” and want to brainstorm making it a reality. Regardless of what kind […]

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Education Nation

NBC is hosting an interactive summit on the state of education in America – Education Nation. The summit was September 27th and 28th, and more events are happening all week. The web site says, “During the entire week of September 26th, NBC News will highlight education stories as well as broadcast live from the Plaza.” […]

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Chapter Two

In recent weeks I have attended a couple of luncheons in honor of colleagues retiring from other school districts. At one lunch there were three Technology Directors with 40, 41, and 43 years of experience in education, all retiring at the end of this school year. At the next was a Technology Director retiring after […]

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Obama to Address Students

President Obama is going to address students this week. The White House has released the text of his prepared remarks. I have been amazed that some parents, across the country, have made this a controversial issue. Having read his speech, I am not just amazed, but sad that some students might miss this powerful message […]

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Tomaz Lasic comments, in his blog post entitled, How can Moodle change a school ,  on the “one big thing” he would bring to his school as a technology facilitator. “Before starting to work as a part-time technology integrator at our school this year, the principal asked me to come up with one ‘thing’, one […]

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I n our school district, we have been engaging in conversations around homework. Many questions have been raised. What is the purpose of homework? Are assignments differentiated? Is there a consistent framework or guidelines that are discernible by parents and students? Many times during the conversations, I thought about how technology can help the homework […]

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