Student Voices

by Jean Tower

In my circle of colleagues it is common to be a strong advocate for education enriched by technology. We teach about 21st century skills and digital citizenship, we develop technology plans and present to our parents; we develop and defend budgets that include technology, professional development and staff; and we do it all to transform the education that our students are getting. What is often missing in the discussion is student voices.

That’s why I was especially pleased to learn about the iSchool Initiative, a student-led, non-profit organization “dedicated to revolutionizing our education system through innovative technology.”

iSchool Initiative was started by Travis Allen, whose You Tube video advocating for mobile learning and a digital education, went viral. It is now a fully organized movement vocally promoting mobile computing in learning.

Perhaps the addition of more student voices will create a tipping point away from a pencil and paper multiple choice environment to a true 21st century, digital, collaborative, student-centered one.

iSchool Videos

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