Recommended iPad Apps

by Jean Tower

Using an iPad? Here are some apps you should check out!

Apple maintains a page called Education Apps at

This is where I first saw History: Maps of the World, a really beautiful FREE app where you can see maps from different periods of history.
Learn more about History of the World Maps at

Another app I found here is Inkpad – a vector drawing app that has images, groups, masks, gradient fills, layers – all this for $7.99!
Read more about Inkpad at

I heard about Printopia ( through a technology director listserv. Printopia allows you to print from your iPhone or iPad. You run Printopia on your Mac and it allows you to share printers to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We downloaded and installed the demo version and it worked like a champ. For $19.99, this is a great printing solution.

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