Race to the Top Funds for LEAs

by Jean Tower

Last week the Department of Education released the draft proposal for the new Race to the Top (“RTT”) District competition, which will send $400 million to LEAs and LEA consortia by the end of this year.  While the focus of this competition is personalized learning, technology is mentioned only a few times in the draft documents and Secretary Duncan stated  on a press call that he was agnostic as to whether technology implementations were part of the grant proposals.  Still, it is clear that technology fuels many of the personalized learning initiatives for which districts will seek funding.

With the Department accepting comments from the public on the draft document until 5:00 pm EDT on June 8, 2012, it might be useful for all of us in school districts – those targeted LEAs – to provide feedback and  ask them to include more overt inclusions of technology within the final application.

Comments can be filed at:  http://www.ed.gov/race-top/district-competition

I encourage you to comment.

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