Plan Versus Strategy

by Jean Tower

In this slidedeck (by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg with Alan Eagle) the authors describe Google’s philosophy – how Google works. It is an engaging presentation and they share a few tenets, some of which are immediately transferable to the education environment.

What really resonated with me is the idea of having a foundational strategy versus having a detailed plan. Plans, especially technology plans, are outdated soon after they are written.


I think we still need to plan. Having a plan helps focus efforts, communicate goals, rally support, and point the way. But since technology changes so rapidly, we have to consider many elements of the plan to be fluid. Schools and districts need to build agility into their planning so that they are able to take advantage of the best latest technologies and educational trends. Who can really predict what the world will look like in three or five years, or what might be possible?


As we develop our technology plans, it behooves us to focus on a digital strategy as the foundation of the plan, so that as better technologies appear we are ready to evaluate and embrace them. Having a plan that we consider fluid, but a direction and a strategy that is more foundational in nature makes our plans more ready to adapt and, ultimately stronger.




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