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The News

The weekend bombing in Paris and the recent bombing in Beirut are unavoidable topics. News of the events is on television news, for sure, but it is also online in every social media stream, where it may be accurate or not, and may be slanted. So our kids are hearing about it and some parents […]

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Quote Opportunities

I like to decorate my office with famous (and not so famous) quotes, and I change them out fairly often. Here’s the latest quote I have used to brighten my walls. Not sure who said it.  

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Accelerating Success with CoSN

The CoSN annual conference theme is Accelerating Success, and registration is now open. The conference in is Washington DC April 4-7, 2016. The theme captures the concept that a school culture that truly embraces digital options and that leverages technology will accelerate success for their students. But equally important, I think that when we join […]

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Big Rocks

Today is the first day of school for students here in my school district. For the past couple of weeks the schools have been hectic with educators returning to plan, prepare, meet, and collaborate to envision and organize an outstanding school year for those same students who will be arriving today. The sun rising on […]

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Why I Read

In the video below, kids were asked why they read, and they tell us. They have some great things to say about reading and how it helps them learn, evokes emotion, transports them, and more. Reading does “open a world of possible” and hearing others proclaim why they read may inspire your students to do […]

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No wonder the internet is so slow today. Everyone’s online.    

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Map Tracking Visitors

Clustrmaps is a widget that tracks visitors to a web site and presents the data in a geographic format. It’s great fun to see where visitors to your blog are located, and it has been fun to see the growing number of readers. Recently, though, clustrmaps had a server failure and I had to re-register […]

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Involve Students in PD

Students make a great addition to your professional development efforts. In one of our schools the Instructional Technology Specialist has had students attend professional development. They sit with a teacher and help coach them through some of the technology ins and outs. Check out this awesome video from Young Writers Project. Every teacher who attends […]

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Striking a Balance

As education technology leaders, one of our goals is to position technology such that it supports both the “authorized” work of schools, as well as the emergent. Authorized is meant to include current communication systems, software and tools that are accepted and have widespread use in the organization. Emergent technologies are those that we are […]

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The Best Instructional Technology Specialists Say ‘Yes!’

Instructional technology specialists/coaches play an important role in schools today. We ask a great deal of them. To be proficient they have to coach, model, collaborate and co-teach. They act as catalysts for change, leading, communicating and promoting best practices. They support teachers with professional development, resources and opportunities to grow their own professional learning […]

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