One to One?

by Jean Tower

As I sit here on a Saturday morning tackling my income tax returns, I look around at the technology on my desk and am actually a little embarrassed. How many ways am I connected?

I’m using Turbo Tax on my personal (desktop) computer while my work laptop is open and booting up because I need to post some documents on the web. I need to use my work laptop because it has applications I need to use that I don’t own for my personal computer.

My iPhone is nearby because I just made a couple of calls and am expecting a text.

My iPad is at the other end of my desk, because occasionally I’ll break from work (and work) and play a word in one of my several Words with Friends games.

I just moved my Kindle out of sight so that I would not be distracted from work (and work and games) by the thought that I am in the middle of a good mystery novel.

Later today, when we drive out to Amherst for a visit, I’ll have today’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me episode on my iPhone so we can listen to that on the ride. When we get close to Amherst I’ll text my son to let him know we’ll be arriving soon. And when we decide where to go for dinner, one of us will use Open Table on our iPhone to try to get a reservation.

And some schools are still debating one to one? It’s really hard to remember when I had just one internet-connected device. I think it will be sooner than we can imagine that we will be looking back on the question of one to one and laugh at how ridiculous that question is.

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