by Jean Tower

The Oxford English Dictionary, the largest compendium of the english language, has a redesigned web site. In honor of its launch it is offering access to the entire site (even subscriber benefits) for free until February 5th.

Go to www.oed.com. Login using trynewoed <as in try new oed> for both the user name and the password.

In the dictionary, every word you search for will lead you to many hyperlinks, related words, and links to entries near it alphabetically. It would be very easy to traipse around and lose track of time. The site offers to widen your search by looking at phrases, definitions, etymologies, quotations and full text.


In addition to the dictionary, users can browse: sources, categories, historical thesaurus, and timelines.


“Timelines are a graphical representation showing when words entered the English language.” In timelines you can select the subject and narrow it down by drop-down menus. The height of the bar in the graph represents the number of words added during that time, and hovering over a bar will display a sample of words introduced during that period.

Wordies, have fun exploring!

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