Mundane Details

by Jean Tower


I was following along on the #1to1techat last night and a colleague from Maine, Andrew Wallace (@andrewwallace) tweeted the above.

I laughed, because I had had a day of being up to my elbows in details. Some days we get to spend time in the long view, on the balcony, mindful of the bigger picture. Other days we are all about minding the details – documenting, guiding, asking questions, testing bandwidth, sharing notes, comparing hardware, paring down the app list (please!), making phone calls to vendors, hunting down orders, and being totally lost in the weeds. But that’s the way it is. I think we do our best work when we constantly shift our focus from the long view, the strategic, to the short view, the tactical. We can have all the vision in the world, but if the details are not attended to, nothing will come of it.

Andrew also writes a blog.


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