Meet my New Tutor, Siri

by Jean Tower

In getting caught up on some blog reading that has been on my “to read” list for a while, I caught this post on the Olin College Blog – 20 Ways Siri May Forever Change Education.

Some of the impact statements are much broader than Siri, and apply to all mobile computing and the rise of BYOT. Educators who haven’t already made the move away from “standard” assessment questions and papers and essays that are based on someone reciting back facts are increasingly worried about the cheating and plagiarism opportunities that students have. Well, if a student is carrying Wikipedia and Google in their pockets, assessments and performance tasks have to focus on critical thinking, essential questions, and applying and transferring knowledge and skills.

The author, Melissa Venable, raises some interesting visions of the future, using Siri to improve accessibility, instruction and practice for English language learners, and coaching on homework. She pictures the day when voice recognition is common on most of our technology devices and when Siri is conducting oral exams. It’s an exciting time to be in technology and education.

What else do you see Siri helping with in the future?

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