MassCUE – M.A.S.S. Fall 2011 Conference

by Jean Tower

In Massachusetts educators are looking forward to the MassCUE  M.A.S.S. conference next week, held at Patriot Place – Gillette Stadium. I love the new online, interactive program and mobile app. You can search for topics, speakers, and breakout session times. You can create your own schedule using the program and can take it with you on your laptop or your mobile device.

I am very excited about the Keynote Speakers, too. On Wednesday we will hear from Mary Cullinane of Microsoft. On Thursday Yong Zhao, from University of Oregon, is the keynote speaker. I loved his book, Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization. Also, on Thursday, Rehema Ellis of NBC NEWS will be the lunchtime keynote speaker. NBC, through Education Nation, is bringing national attention to education in America.

Annamaria Schrimpf and I will be presenting on CoSN’s Framework of Essential Skills and will introduce participants to the upcoming CoSN certification for technology administrators. If you want more information on the topic, join us on Wednesday at 2:00 pm in Theater B.

Title: Who is the wizard behind the curtain?

Description: Who is the wizard behind the curtain and what skillset does he or she need to be effective? Technology is sometimes seen as a mysterious black box and technology administrators as alchemists or wizards. Well, come to this session to be demystified. During this session attendees will be introduced to the Framework of Essential Skills of the Chief Technology Officer K-12 published by CoSN. The framework deciphers the skills and knowledge that Technology Directors need to be effective, and does so using a clear and practical matrix. Superintendents will learn how this matrix can be used when hiring and evaluating this technology leader for your school system. Technology administrators can use the same taxonomy to plan their professional development and make themselves even more valuable to their districts. Schools and districts are striving to use data better, provide 21st century literacy curriculum, and to employ innovative, cutting edge practices. Technology leaders require a broad set of skills to advance the vision and to navigate through the ever-changing technological landscape. The framework provides a useful description of those skills.

Jean Tower
Director of Technology, Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough
MassCUE Board
METAA President

Annamaria Pisari Schrimpf
Director of Technology, Winchester Public Schools
MassCUE President

METAA will also be hosting a breakout session at the conference. Join us on Thursday, at 10:15, in room 13 (Blue Level)

Description: METAA, Massachusetts Educational Technology Administrators Association, is the state chapter of CoSN (Consortium for School Networking). CoSN is the lead School Technology Administrator association in the country. CoSN believes that to maximize the benefits of technology solutions the district technology leader should be part of the executive leadership team of the education organization. Come to this meeting to hear about the vast array of resources CoSN and METAA offer for the technology leader professional.


See you at Gillette Stadium next week!


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