Map Tracking Visitors

by Jean Tower


Clustrmaps is a widget that tracks visitors to a web site and presents the data in a geographic format.

It’s great fun to see where visitors to your blog are located, and it has been fun to see the growing number of readers. Recently, though, clustrmaps had a server failure and I had to re-register my blog and start from zero. As much as I miss all my red dots…..oh well.



Here is the message that clustrmaps shared with users:

If your map was stored on our “www4″ server (you can tell because you can see “” or ” ’server’ : ‘4′ ” in the HTML where you embedded the ClustrMaps thumbnail map), then some major changes have taken place in the last few days (March 23-25th 2015), and we recommend that you carefully read all the items below.

  1. Your data is safely stored*, but regrettably server www4 has now been declared ‘dead’.
    *(Safe storage of data is true for the overwhelming majority of users – a very small proportion of data was lost during the series of crashes that plagued us over the last few weeks, and we will know more about this over the coming weeks as we provide retrieval details – see next item).
  2. We will provide details about how to retrieve items like your most recent visitor totals and more in a later blog posting or special page, to which we will provide a prominent link (here and in other postings) when it is ready.
  3. As of March 24th 2015, Your originally-registered URL will not be recognised on the normal Admin login page at (but see next item).
  4. We recommend that you register your URL again just like a new user would register, on our home page at or directly on This will mean that a fresh count will be started at 0, but once you can retrieve your earlier data (as mentioned above), then you will be able to provide a ‘footnote’ or ‘caveat’ near your new map that describes the earlier visitor data.

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