iPad Proposal

by Jean Tower

I have had several teachers ask if they could get money budgeted to buy iPads. In order to avoid buying any just for the bells and whistles and also to be able to advocate with appropriate funding sources, I created a one-page proposal. I would love some feedback on this proposal.
Am I asking too little? too much? are there questions I missed?

iPad Purchase Proposal

Please provide an overview of the need for the iPad. Make sure your goals are aligned to frameworks, our instructional learning environment, and meet identified curriculum needs.

Background Information
Share relevant background information, including research or successful examples on the use of these devices for the purposes you have identified.

Content Area Focus
What is the content area focus for this initiative? Why was this selected?

Professional Learning
What is the plan to provide professional development and support to the staff involved? How will other staff in the building learn more about the pilot and the results?

Provide a timeline for this purchase and the implementation of the project.

How will evaluation of the use of the iPads be accomplished?
What data will be collected, at what intervals, and how will it be collected?
What are the key indicators that will be reviewed to evaluate the success of the project?
Be sure to describe in terms of student learning.

<Full disclosure – I have been looking at proposals I could find on the web so I probably ended up using some categories that I found elsewhere – thanks for the help!>

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