Intellectually Promiscuous

by Jean Tower

I heard my favorite quote of the week last Friday as I listened to WBUR. The title of the piece was: Exhibit Shows Process Behind JFK’s ‘Ask Not’ Inaugural and Kennedy Museum curator Stacey Bredhoff was showing and discussing handwritten pages of JFK’s inaugural address. They talked about the longstanding debate about who wrote the address – Kennedy or Ted Sorensen. Thurston Clarke, who wrote, Ask Not: The Inauguration of John F. Kennedy and the Speech That Changed America, called the speech a collaboration, with some of the most important passages Kennedy’s.


During the interview, Clarke explained how freely Kennedy and Sorensen exchanged and built on each others’ ideas. He said:  “they were very intellectually promiscuous these two men – I mean, Kennedy would say something extemporaneously and it would turn up in a Sorensen speech.”

Intellectually promiscuous ~ this describes blogging at its best, blogging when one person’s ideas incite more ideas in others and the resultant blog posts stimulate even more interesting conversations and then ideas spread and morph and grow ~ intellectually promiscuity alive and well in the blogosphere!

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